It Is Never Too Late ... International Women's Day

As wives, mothers, nurturers, teachers; we take a lot upon our shoulders. The responsibility for our home, raising a family, working, being certain that everyone is attended to often leaves a woman depleted and many times neglected. Self-care is forgotten most times. Long ago dreams and visions have become dormant, replaced by the hopes and dreams that we have for our children.

One day we wake up ... exhausted! Life has carried on without us. Our children no longer need our 24/7 care. Spouses and partners are busy with work. There are some that even find themselves alone; abandoned by the person who promised to be there, in good times and bad.

You may feel like it is too late. Too late to go back and pick up your dreams; to revive the visions and plans that used to stir you with excitement and anticipation. Anticipation for the world of possibilities that awaits you with each new day. Yet, it is not too late. As long as you have breath in your body and can speak for yourself—there are no deadlines for dreams. Dreams and visions remain steadfast, waiting for you to declare who you are and what you are going to do.

Celebrating International Women's Day, and also Women's History Month, I want to commend a very dear friend, who is also like a sister to me, LaTonya Jones. [@author_layla_jai] She embodies the spirit of never giving up but instead, reaching for goals from long ago, to not only attempt to accomplish them, but in fact, conquering her fears and accomplishing the goals she has set for herself.

It is not selfish to take care of yourself; it is self-love. The fact of the matter is, though we are strong and resilient—we remain vulnerable. I salute and commend LaTonya Jones, and shine the spotlight her on not only deciding to better and her children's lives, but also taking a chance on herself and doing what some women would not have the strength to do, and start over, fresh.

LaTonya has put in the work; raising her family, providing for them, while working and going to school. She has earned her Bachelors, her Masters, and is set to pursue her Doctorate. She also wrote and published a novel. This—accomplished—while working, relocating, and providing for her family.

Making a change—a major change—is never too late as long as there is breath and life in your body. It is not about who gets to the finish line first, but about the journey and the life lessons and lives we change along the way.

Women are strong, courageous, enduring, and at the same time, soft, thoughtful, nurturing, and possess a power so strong that it can only be God residing in them.

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