Happy International Women's Day!


Many women have influenced my life. Women that do not always get their due. Some women that people may never get to know personally but their work and influence have been felt many times over. I come from a family of strong women and men, but the women have always been strong, resilient, and take charge. Some may even say bossy! [I guess it's in my DNA! LOL]

We do not always agree with the people we love. We will not always see eyes to eye. In fact, the people we love may some times hurt or disappoint us. Yet, it does not may the effect and impact that they have or had on your life any less great. In fact, it should mean more. Because, as we mature, we should come to the understanding that it is not about our flighty feelings or our own insecurities, but about the work being done and the lives being changed for the better.

We face many obstacles and challenges in our lives, especially as women. yet, the strength that it takes to move forward through it is monumental, and not every woman makes it through, and those that do, are changed forever.

I take this time to recognize my sissy, Dr. Jacquelyn Wilson. @iamdrwilson If you knew her story, then you would understand the glory that is shining in her life. Through the struggles, the heartaches, the heartbreaks, the losses, the hits, and misses, the lies, the backstabbing—she is coming forth as pure gold and allowing God to use her for His glory.

Her message is a global one. One that is reaching both women and men, and making a difference. You should really get to know her. Follow both her organization's IG pages: @surprisethestruggling and @thestopbullyingproject. She is not only a CEO, a three-time award-winning Executive Producer of a film, a recipient of numerous awards, including eight NYC council citations, the FOunder and Executive Director of several organizations—she is also a philanthropist and humanitarian, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, an aunt, a cousin, and a widow. And through all the hits she has taken in the past two years, she is still growing, striving, and doing what so many others are too scared to do, and that is reaching people where they are at, no matter their walk of life.

I celebrate her life today. I celebrate her accomplishments. And I celebrate the fact that God has chosen her, and I will stand by her through it all because I do not just love her; I believe in her and will always be proud of her.

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