Sisters by Author Layla Jai

Have you purchased your copy of Sisters by Author Layla Jai yet? No? Why not? Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Well, AS SOON AS YOU FINISH READING THIS (It's a Must Read) be sure to CLICK HERE and purchase your copy of this delicious read! For not make me track you down! I can, you know?!

They say there is nothing like a woman scorned. Then you have not met the Reddit Sisters...Yet. This is just the beginning. Farrah has always been the responsible one. On the outside, her life looks golden, married to the love of her life, with a beautiful daughter, living in a posh California neighborhood. What more could she ask for? However, things have not been so hot between her and her Navy husband. Farrah is determined, however, to get her marriage back on track. Tamar has always done the right thing, never one to take risks. After her mom passes from a long battle with cancer, Tamar decides life is too short to not take some risks; including her love life. One magical night has Tamar questioning her heart, and what she believed about love. She will have to decide if she can risk her heart on true love, or settle for what is comfortable. Tia, the youngest sister, moved away to pursue her dreams. Now living the kind of life she's always dreamed of—it's enough to go to her head. But that is what her childhood friend, Trent is for. Both popular in the Hotlanta social scene, they agree to a "friends-with-benefits" agreement. However, lines start to get a little blurred, and staying friends may not be that easy; especially when Tia is holding onto a secret. Sometimes in life, situations arise that we cannot control. Our lives fall apart, love goes bad, and people walk away, but your sister will always have your back; willing to fight in the trenches with you; and if need be, exact revenge on those who hurt you.

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