"Whatever I Make of It"


Sometimes the best-laid plans do not happen. Yet, I continue to make plans because that is what we should do. However, I am learning that some plans, no matter how great they are, may not always come to fruition. If my mind and heart are open to God, I will hear His instructions and see the changes that need to be made. The adjustments that should take place. Sometimes we become emotionally attached to a plan. I have stuck with a plan because I was either too afraid that I was quitting, giving up too soon or I was afraid to lose all the time invested, and the thought of starting over, doing something was daunting.

That attitude left me living in and looking at the past; stuck and grappling with a spirit of fear that found its way into my heart and mind. It did not help, either, that some (not all) who were supposed to be my support would constantly ask questions like; You did not finish yet? Are you sure you know what you're doing? Are you certain you heard God? Maybe this just is not for you. Are you qualified to do that? Maybe you should try something easier. And so on and so on it went.

I had come to the conclusion that whatever was going to take place was my responsibility. It was incumbent on my belief and my desires. My present and future are whatever I want them to be. I either believe God, or I do not. I will either make the necessary adjustments or miss out on the greatness. I either allow fear to consume me or trust God completely. Each day is an opportunity, where I do not have to be held bound by mistakes, and negative thoughts that cripple my growth and ability to hear God, and to have my prayers heard and answered. I have learned, also, that sometimes it is not me or the plan(s), it can just be the wrong season. Living in what was or what you thought things should be, and refusing to let God lead, can cause one to miss the correct season.

Life is not always as we planned. However, it can be whatever we make of it. We can stay stuck in the past and the what ifs; or we can walk in maturity, do what needs to be done, going forward with a made up mind to live our best life now; no matter what comes our way. Or how the plans may change.

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