Wishing You The Very Best This Holiday!

It is with profound gratitude that I take this time to thank you all for a phenomenal year! This year has brought many changes. There has been ups and some downs but for the most part, the ups definitely outweighed the downs.

I wish you all the very best Holiday Season. I have a diverse group of family and friends. So whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or you observe nothing at all—I am wishing you the best season filled with happiness, joy, peace, and more love than you thought possible to handle.

At this time of year, as many others, I am missing those special family members and friends who are no longer in our physical presence. For me, I am especially missing my Mom. The other day I could hear her voice and smell her perfume, and the desire to hug her, feel her embrace was so strong. Though my heart aches, I am comforted by the treasure of memories that I have, the special moments we shared, and the countless "midnight hour" chats that would sometimes last two and three hours.

Though she may be gone, along with many others that I hold so dear and remember fondly, especially during this time of year; I will take joy in the memories we made and the legacies they left behind, knowing in my heart I carry on in their name, hoping my deeds and actions make them proud.

Enjoy this season. May you look back over the year and take courage and gain strength from the mere fact that you are still here, that you made it through, and have the opportunity to look forward to a new day where you decide if you move forward, stand still, or look back. I hope and pray that you move forward. Move forward with hope and expectancy for great things to happen in your life. As long as you are awaken to a new day, that is another opportunity waiting for you to seize and live your very best life now.

From my family, to yours!

With Love,


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