Birthday Behavior


I have so much to be grateful for. No matter what it looks like, feels like, or what the enemy whispers; I already know and believe the truth in my heart—that I am blessed and favored of God.

I celebrate the beginning of another new year of life today. I am so very grateful and humbled by the Father to see this day. No matter what challenges or obstacles I face today, tomorrow, or the day after next—I know that I am blessed and I am covered by God's goodness, wrapped in His unconditional love.

The blessings in my life far outcry the sometimes low points and difficulties I encounter on my life's journey. My journey has been filled with many different things and experiences. Some joyous and some painful. Some I would like to forget forever while I dwell on the ones I can remember. Yet, no matter what I am faced with, one thing is for certain: My God is Always There!

I am alive, in my right mind (though some may disagree! lol), learning and receiving all that God has for me. Some days are better than others but I a know and understand that I am indeed blessed, nonetheless.

This day, my Birthday comes once a year but I am learning and reminding myself to celebrate every day that God grants me breath in my body and awakening me to not only a new day but to the manifestations of His promises and blessings in my life,

Life is a gift to be treasured. I did not always cherish it but complained about all the things wrong and all the wrong done to me. I was scared, angry, hurt. Yet, a real encounter with my God changed all of that. Do not get me wrong; every now and again I feel defeated and become depressed but I fight it by reminding myself of the presence of the Lord and that He has never lied to me. All things are not what they appear. Though the enemy thinks he is winning; at the end of the day, I have it on good authority that I have already won.

I celebrate the gift of life life and all of my blessings and the ones yet to manifest. I am grateful to God for choosing me and loving me with the kind of love that heals, restores, and breaks down all kinds of walls and declares and decrees me the winner. I will continue to believe the report of the Lord and go after my dreams and visions. And whatever heartache, difficulties, tests, come my way—are only designed to make me that much stronger, and walk in the greatness ordained for my life!



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