"Celebrate Every Step Accomplished"


Celebrate each step, not just the entire staircase. There are so many transitions taking place in my life. I feel stretched in so many different directions. At times, I just want to lay down and sleep; pull the covers over my head and hibernate and tell God to wake me when the hard stuff has passed. Yet I know, that my harvest, my blessings, are in the midst of the transitions. They exist in the middle of the storm. The solutions will present themselves among the problems themselves. I know and understand that these transitions; these tests, these hardships, and heartaches, are all making me stronger; strengthening me for the overflow of manifest blessings. Manifest promises that have been waiting for this season.

I have come to know and understand that I must make that first step. That first step towards greatness, healing, peace of heart and mind. For, God says that He has given me the power and it is time, that I learned to use His power. Use what He has given me. And it begins with that very first step. Every new season of life comes with a new "staircase" to climb. It can become quite daunting if I look at the entire staircase. Instead, the Father says to take it one step, one day at a time. There is a set of goals and visions before me. There is so much that it can become overwhelming. I don't know about you, but for me, that can bring on a paralyzing effect. Yet, the Father told me, do not become preoccupied with the finish line. Concentrate on the first step and have joy in that single step. Then the next day, take the next step. The finish line is the culmination of all the steps taken in the journey along the way. A staircase is not a staircase without steps. A goal; a vision is not such without the journey it takes to get there. Once you take that first step—the hardest part of any journey—every step after will become easier not because it is easy but because you have now built the strength to endure. My victory is not in the completed goal (that's the icing on the cake!) but in conquering each step taken and thanking God for the accomplishment of that one step. Gratefulness for where I am right now.

© Ruthe McDonald.

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