My Friday Truth: I am Grateful for Me!

This is my truth, today. I matter. I have a purpose on this earth. I am grateful to God for me. For loving me just as I am.

My life has gone through many transitions. In fact, I am in the midst of a transition right now. One that is not so easy but I am determined to move forward, give my all and allow God to continue to lead me where I cannot trace Him. My faith has always been my anchor. That thing that tethers me to God and my fight to always keep going and to never give up.

I am forever grateful to the Father for His goodness and mercies. For loving me even when I have had and still have trouble loving myself. Each day is a gamble. A risk I am willing to take; placing all my bets on God because I know from experience, He has a proven track record, and I can always rely upon Him; even when everyone else bails or breaks their word and promises.

Though there are times when I have to wait and dig in my heels and exercise my faith—I am grateful—it all works out for me because I believe God when He declares that I win. I decree each day that I am the blessing of God walking in the manifestations of favor and promises ordained for my life. Everything I need I already have, and my eyes are open to recognizing it and my heart is ready and prepared to receive, as is my mind—which is renewed every day.

I celebrated the tenth anniversary of my Blog, which I never thought of as a ministry; just a way for to share the lessons I have learned and am learning about my life's journey and relationship with our Creator. If my testimony, my pain, my falls, my triumphs, my happiness, my lessons learned can inspire and help just one other person, and get them to know God for themselves? Then it is worth the embarrassment that sometimes comes with sharing your truth.

Yes. We as humans just love to be perfect. To be seen as perfect. To never allow any weakness or failures to be seen; especially in this social media dominated generation we are living in, where people can easily lie about who and what they are and what they have to just be accepted by a few strangers. Or made to feel important because you got one more like or another follower.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if all of a sudden we woke up and there was no more social media? Like, Poof!—it just disappeared and we have to go back to speaking and interacting face to face. Seeing one another for who we really are. Having to make the time and take real effort to form and build trusting and long-lasting, worthwhile, and healthy relationships. I wonder how many lives, marriages, relationships would be saved. How many people would really enjoy their lives and truly love who they are because there would be no constant comparison or a bunch of advice and self-appointed experts giving opinions, confusing those even further, who are already confused about their lives?

I believe there would be a lot more grateful people walking this earth. Much more healthy, real and authentic friendships and relationships. But, hey. who knows? Right? We can always wonder. Or, we could take responsibilities for our own lives right now, and become more conscious of what we do, who we listen to, and who we allow into our lives. And, we could be a bit more grateful for the awesome life we already have.

One of the things I have learned is that gratefulness makes room in our life and heart for the abundance that God has ordained for us. It's true: when the praised go up the blessings come down. Or rather, when the praises go up, the blessings already in our lives become more evident, as they manifest based upon what we hold and believe in our hearts.

I am celebrating my eighth publication. I believe eight to be very appropriate considering where I am in my life; signifying new beginnings. I have many books coming forth. Not too mention all of the short stories that I have written over the years waiting to be published (soon!) I also have other full novel-length manuscripts cued up, and waiting to be edited (numerous times) and published, also.

There was a time I would struggle with people's judgment of me (coming from a traditional and religious background) as I was writing these stories that were not considered Christian Fiction because of some of the subject matters and language. But then I had an epiphany: I cannot be anyone else but me. I cannot be effective in my walk and my witness if I am so concerned about what others are going to say and think of me. That stops me from being me. The real, authentic, no-holds-bar me. And that is not what God desires. I have to be me in every area. while respecting my relationship with God, and respecting myself. I can better serve others because I am not afraid to be me and to be authentic and transparent.These are the relationships with God I know of. Imperfect people with a relationship with God, striving to live their best lives. We are all unique and God uses whom He chooses no matter what you look like, who you are, or where you come from. If God can make a jackass speak and give a word of knowledge; He can use anybody who is willing.

God is awesome! I do not regret the gifts God has entrusted to me. I will use them to His glory while being the authentic me. I am grateful for me. I hope that you would be able to do the same and just be who you are. Be grateful for your life and the skin you're in. Because that is all God desires from us—to come exactly as we are—only He has the power to change us, if that's what we desire and need.

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