"Everyday is a new journey, especially when you have a book in your hand. It is your passport to whole new worlds...as far as your imagination will travel."

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Attorney Josephine "Pepper" Gathers is returning home after nine long years. Nothing and no one in Busby will ever be the same.
Another storm is brewing in the small town of Busby, South Carolina. Devastating and shocking truths are revealed. TWO surprise marriages take place. Someone is going to jail, while another loses their mind, and someone will die at the hands of another, sending shockwaves through the small community.
Busby has not seen this much trouble since Ivy Willard's estranged sister, Lena came to town. It all begins with the return of Miss Pepper Gathers! She has a few scores to settle and a few secrets of her own. Heaven help anyone that gets in her way! 
The fourth book in The Busby Series promises to keep your heart racing and your mind guessing. Nothing ever is as it quite seems in the town of Busby. Pepper's return stirs up a rash of emotions for different people—some good, and some evil!
Get your copy today and save!  432 Pages!

Meet The Reddit Sisters...

Farrah has always been the responsible one. On the outside, her life looks golden, married to the love of her life, with a beautiful daughter, living in a posh California neighborhood. What more could she ask for? However, things have not been so hot between her and her Navy husband. Farrah is determined, however, to get her marriage back on track.

Tamar has always done the right thing, never one to take risks. After her mom passes from a long battle with cancer, Tamar decides life is too short to not take some risks; including her love life. One magical night has Tamar questioning her heart, and what she believed about love. She will have to decide if she can risk her heart on true love, or settle for what is comfortable.

Tia, the youngest sister, moved away to pursue her dreams. Now living the kind of life she's always dreamed of—it's enough to go to her head. But that is what her childhood friend, Trent is for. Both popular in the Hotlanta social scene, they agree to a "friends-with-benefits" agreement. However, lines start to get a little blurred, and staying friends may not be that easy; especially when Tia is holding onto a secret.

Sometimes in life, situations arise that we cannot control. Our lives fall apart, love goes bad, and people walk away, but your sister will always have your back; willing to fight in the trenches with you; and if need be, exact revenge on those who hurt you.


Sometimes our hearts can become overwhelmed. Hurt, pain, disappointments—it can all leave us feeling jaded about love, relationships, and even our faith. God desires to speak to our hearts; to teach us HIS love language and fill us with His love so that we are strong and capable of withstanding all of the tests and trials that come during our life's journey.


"WHAT LOVE TEACHES ME". An inspirational book to encourage and inspire you on your life's journey and walk in love. Paperback contains a special bonus (a Reflections4Life Journal)

A Bit of Southern Comfort...


Busby, South Carolina. Emma Jean Watson is fierce in love for her family and friends. She will do anything to protect them—including hiding the truth. Always priding herself on being forthright, Emma's secrets, along with her past are about to be exposed.


Summoned to Philadelphia upon her dying nephew's request, Emma becomes the guardian of her grandniece, Macon but not without a fight from Nadine, Macon's mother. Nadine struggles with her own share of problems and secrets which have been eating away at her; causing her life to spiral out of control. She fights to reconcile her past but not before confronting the truths of her torrid present.


Back home in Busby, Emma begins to realize that she and her grandniece have more in common than she knew. She wonders if life would have been different if she'd just told the truth from the beginning. The more that she learns about Macon, the harder it becomes for Emma to keep her past a secret.


Emma's husband, Albert, and her best friend, Lynorra Washington have been the glue that keeps Emma together. Emma has always been there for her family but when the secrets are exposed, and tragedy strikes, will her family be able to give her the kind of comfort that she will need in return?


Southern Comfort is the first book in The Busby Series.


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