"I was writing stories before I knew how to write or read!"

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In The Gardens of Good & Evil

The Busby Series, Book 5

     After a devastating accident leaves her bound to a wheelchair and unable to speak, thirty-five-year-old Constance (Connie) Simmons is sent to convalesce at The Gardens, a rehabilitation and nursing home.

     There to receive therapy and round the clock care, Connie is learning to walk again.  Connie is far from the “mental” case her father and some staff (she overheard) call her. She chooses not to speak or let people know just how much she knows or understands.  She has her reasons.

     There’s something rotten in The Gardens. There is a lot a person can learn when others do not think you understand. Connie learns that her father’s reach goes a lot further than she ever feared. A month turns into six, then six months turns into four years. There is no one on the outside she can contact. No one who can help her. Learning to trust her instincts, Connie is confronted with a hard decision: Do nothing and let her father get away with his sins, including what he has done to her over the years. Or take a chance and trust the few good people she has met.

     It’s not an easy choice with a father hell-bent on destroying you; doctors, nurses, administrators, and certain staff with their own agenda, and in her father’s back pocket. Nepotism, Greed, Cover-ups, Falsifying Records, Personal Vendettas are only a few of the evil things taking place at The Gardens. After four long years, Connie receives an unusual visit that changes everything. The only problem is, who can Connie trust in The Gardens of Good and Evil, where friends become foes and foes become allies, and who you thought you could trust turns out to be your worse nightmare.

The Busby Series, Book 4

     Another storm is brewing in the small town of Busby, South Carolina. Devastating and shocking truths are revealed. TWO surprise marriages take place. Someone is going to jail, while another loses their mind, and someone will die at the hands of another, sending shockwaves through the small community.

     Busby has not seen this much trouble since Ivy Willard's estranged sister, Lena came to town. It all begins with the return of Miss Pepper Gathers! She has a few scores to settle and a few secrets of her own. Heaven help anyone that gets in her way! 

     The fourth book in The Busby Series promises to keep your heart racing and your mind guessing. Nothing ever is as it quite seems in the town of Busby. Pepper's return stirs up a rash of emotions for different people—some good, and some evil!

     Get your copy today and save!  432 Pages!

James Perry’s Unbearable Truths

The Busby Series, Book 3

"Truth Never Forgets…It Just Waits for an Opportunity to Tell its Side of the Story." 
James Perry Washington has been holding the truth in for over twenty years. He has run from it; tried to forget it; even tried to drink it away. Just when things seem to finally be going well in his life—married to the love of his life, raising a family—tragedy strikes, hurling James Perry back to the past, confronting the unbearable truths of one hot, Carolina Summer, that not only changed his life but his entire family's, and rock the small town of Busby, South Carolina to its core.

Have you read Southern Comfort, yet? If you have, then you will have met James Perry as a young boy and his family. Southern Comfort reveals what took place in a young James Perry's life. Unbearable Truths will take you behind the closed doors and reveal even more family secrets of the Washington family.

Just Visiting

The Busby Series, Book 2

A lot has been going on in the town of Busby, South Carolina. Emma knows trouble when she sees it...and the clouds never lie. When Lena Freeman comes to town, all hell breaks loose, and more secrets are revealed.

Emma Jean Watson is never one to hold her tongue. She’s lived in Busby just about all her life and knows everyone and everything that goes on. You've met Mama in Southern Comfort. Now get to know a few other people in the town of Busby, South Carolina.

Southern Comfort

The Busby Series, Book 1

The novel that started it all! Southern Comfort entwines the stories of the pain of buried secrets, murder, redemption, and the comfort and healing of a mother's love; taking you on a ride of emotions that result in a surprising end. From the brash and brazen Emma to the abused and tormented Macon, to the addicted and narcissistic Nadine, to the best friend Lynorra, to the loving and protective Albert; the characters in this debut novel come to life, with old Southern charm. With warmth, humor, and dynamic prose, Ruthe McDonald weaves a tale that will have you longing for a bit of Southern Comfort and more.

This Christmas

A heartwarming Novella with a lovely collection of short stories centered around the Christmas Holiday. Filled with short and long stories that evoke a spirit of belief in miracles and faith.

What Love Teaches Me

Reflections4Life Series Volume III


Love is teaching us each day something new and wonderful about ourselves and of others if we dare to listen. It is an ongoing teacher. Forever teaching and causing us to grow and develop into the people that God created us to be. Love is the great equalizer. Love is God showing up in many different ways through different people at different times throughout our lifetime. He knows exactly what we need and when. God will never let us down. We just have to believe Him. Trust Him where we cannot trace Him.


Reflections4Life: What Love Teaches Me Volume 3, is much more than a book. It is a labor of love, with honest, sincere, bold, and encouraging words to stir your heart and move your soul.  

A special bonus Journal inside of the paperback and print version.



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